Trust Protector

Elder Ambassadors’ Trust Protector Service is designed specifically for families with a qualified representative designated to take over when a loved one becomes incapacitated or passes away.


Our Elder Ambassador professionals are on call to guide the trustee, executor or personal representative through the many steps required for the administration of a testamentary trust or estate.  You will be assigned one committed, specially trained professional who will be your primary contact throughout the process.  We work as a liaison between you, the representative, and your family’s chosen investment, legal, and tax professionals.


Providing step-by-step support dealing with the responsibilities for both end-of-life and post-death financial needs, Elder Ambassadors assist the designated representative to ensure that final financial administration is completed timely, accurately and according to the deceased’s directives.


Services include:

  • Obtaining new tax identification number(s) for the trust or estate, as applicable

  • Coordination with the family’s financial advisors, as needed

  • Coordination with the family’s legal counsel (Elder Ambassadors does not provide legal advice or estate planning services, but we work as a liaison to the family’s legal professional and will encourage you to seek legal advice as appropriate)

  • Independent, neutral preparation of trust or estate accountings for beneficiaries

  • Coordination with the family’s tax preparer for fiduciary income tax preparation (form 1041), if applicable

  • Coordination with the family’s tax preparer for federal (form 706) and state estate tax preparation, if applicable


Elder Ambassadors does not need to be named in the estate planning documents to provide the Trust Protector services but is contracted by the designated representative and/or the family of the incapacitated or deceased. 


Pricing is dependent on the number of, and complexity of, financial accounts and assets, the number of beneficiaries, and other factors leading to the complexity of administration.  Contact Elder Ambassadors for a fee range based on the specific trust or estate’s needs.  It is preferable, but not mandatory, that Elder Ambassadors be engaged prior to the loved one’s incapacity or death so that our professionals can be “on-call” at a moment’s notice to aid the selected representative through their assigned duties in a time of grief.