Private Fiduciary

Expanding upon Elder Ambassadors’ Trust Protector Service, our Private Fiduciary service is specifically for the individual that does not have an appointed representative and has not chosen a corporate trustee. 


Our Elder Ambassador professionals will follow the grantor or deceased individual’s directives and offer unbiased discretion.  The trust or estate will be assigned one committed, specially trained professional who will be the family’s primary contact throughout the process.  We work as a liaison between the family or other beneficiaries and your family’s chosen investment, legal and tax professionals.


Services include:

  • Obtaining new tax identification number(s) for the trust or estate, as applicable

  • Coordination with the family’s financial advisors, as needed

  • Coordination with the family’s legal counsel

  • Independent, neutral preparation of trust or estate accountings for beneficiaries

  • Coordination with the family’s tax preparer for fiduciary income tax preparation (form 1041), if applicable

  • Coordination with the family’s tax preparer for federal (form 706) and state estate tax preparation, if applicable


A specific benefit of this arrangement is that Elder Ambassadors are neutral and capable of following the deceased’s directives without bias, whereas involving family members or beneficiaries might result in unnecessary conflict. 


To be appointed Private Fiduciary, Elder Ambassadors must be named in estate planning documents.  Therefore, it is essential that Elder Ambassadors be engaged prior to the loved one’s incapacity or death, so that our professionals can be prepared to step in as soon as necessary.  Elder Ambassadors gladly works with your legal counsel or can recommend respected, reputable referrals in your area.


Pricing for a Private Fiduciary is dependent on the number of, and complexity of, financial accounts and assets, number of beneficiaries, and other factors leading to the complexity of administration.  Contact Elder Ambassadors for a fee range based on the specific trust or estate’s needs.