Personal Accountant

Bill Payments

Elder Ambassadors will pay your monthly bills, allowing you more time to enjoy life without the stress of errors or late fees.  You will be assigned one committed, specially trained personal accountant who will be your primary contact. 

Elder Ambassadors uses our bank account to schedule automatic payments and/or pay all your bills, then we charge you monthly for your service fee plus reimbursement.  Besides simply paying the bills, we review for reasonableness and consistency.  It is our aim to protect you from any sort of financial fraud.  We will always ask you before paying if something looks questionable or inconsistent.  Our simple system offers security from financial burdens and frees up your time to spend with family and friends.


​Annually, you will receive 12 pre-addressed envelopes from Elder Ambassadors.  Send us any paper bills received in the mail or other financial mail received that you would like assistance handling.  You may also email, text, fax, or securely upload documents.  Once received, Elder Ambassadors will review and process accordingly.

​At the end of each month, with your invoice, you will be provided with a digital and/or detailed printout of the month’s payments and copies of the related bills.  Client data is stored safely and securely on our Abacus Private Cloud server with two-factor authentication for all users, and originals can be destroyed by the Shred-It document destruction service if so requested.

Complete Personal Accountant

If it would be beneficial to you and your heirs to have an independent, unbiased accounting of your financial assets on a regular basis, Elder Ambassadors offers a complete personal accountant service.  This service includes the reconciliation of all bank accounts, investment accounts, credit cards, and loans to provide you (and/or your chosen representatives) with an accurate and timely personal financial statement.  The complete report includes an income & expense statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows.  You may choose to receive statements monthly or quarterly.


Included with this service is tracking of tax-related expenditures and coordination with your tax preparer.


Pricing is dependent on the number of financial accounts and the frequency of reporting.  Contact Elder Ambassadors for a fee based on your specific financial position.  Personal accountant services may be contracted in conjunction with or independent of the Bill Pay service.